persephassa (kore) wrote,

We have a $50 target gc for orryn to spend... Help me pick something :)
I kind of want to avoid plastic toys, but that cat keyboard is so
Ridiculous, + it has heaps of great reviews. I would get that and
An abc block set, or something... Or, a melodica and an abc
Block set. Or, that activity cube, tho it is more than $50.
I went to a target and tried to find something but they only have
Crap I don't want in the actual store. Anyhow... I looked at some
Upright pianos (like on peanuts) they have online, but I think the
Cat keyboard wld be better, or just the melodica, tho you have to
Breath air into it through a tube. The activity cube is attractive
Too, tho--but maybe you have some other ideas?

Toys we have already:

Wooden grasping giraffe
Jumping jack giraffe
Sophie giraffe
Haba ring rattle
Owl puppet
Stuffed teddy bear
Stuffed bunny
Giraffe lovey
Dragon rattle
Giraffe rattle
Mozart cube
Cage bell
Wooden block & mallet
Shape sorting house
Lighthouse ring stacker
Bead roller coaster/slider thing
Two soft balls made by orryn's great great grandmother

My mom saved all our best toys from our childhood... So we have
Lincoln logs and a kid's record player!!etc and a rocking horse my
Uncle made for my brother... My dad will carve zac's name in it, &
Orryn's, if I can figure out how to get it to us. Hopefully
We will move to ca, or something, haha.

I need to work on putting more books away.. I cleared off one lower
Bookshelf up here already, to put Orryn's things on. There is
A shelf under the tv where I have bolga baskets with toys, and then
2 bookshelves I need to pack. I will just put the books in my office
Downstairs until we find a good bookshelf or three.

I have a $1 store basket, too, for a "treasure basket." I keep
Looking for regular household items to put in it, wooden
Spoons and such. Scraps of fabric and scratched up CDs.

I wonder if my parents still have the Lincoln logs that were under my
Grandma elva's davenport. She had a box they were stored in, + some metal
Cars and plastic zoo animals. Played with by all her grandchildren over
Years(9 of us!). Maybe even her children? I ought to ask my dad if
He remembers where they came from.
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