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[Nov. 29th, 2013|10:47 pm]
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Still waiting to hear what's available to rent in university hills.
We called and they said most likely this one model, about 900
Square feet. I dunno how we will cram all our junk in there. I will
Have to foist some things onto my parents and sell more than I really
Wanted to. Ugh. They are supposed to tell us next week, so at least
I will have a better idea of how to sort things out. We are going to miss
This big house and the lovely, quiet yard. Hopefully we will find a good place
There, tho. It isn't my fantasy of living in an old farm house, haha,
But it might also be nice to be in a house that isn't all old and crappy.
I mean, professors etc can buy houses there, in the professor-land
Housing development. It's less $$ than the rest of the area, which is upwards
Of 500k. I need a job, or another baby and another book.

I like whittling down our stuff in some ways, but I also have quite a bit of quite
Good crap that I really can't countenance disposing of. Like really old and brittle dresses,
A huge canvas trunk of them, I cannot get rid of them really? I can't wear them either,
At least not with writhing toddler. My books I have already pared down. Braxton and orryn
Also have their own host of books. I have much crafting supplies, and all
Sorts of kitchen implements. I saved everything from orryn being a baby. I have like
8 coats, braxton thinks it's too many, especially as we are moving to ca, but
They are really nice coats and I can't just give them away, I'd need to consider it
And try to eBay them or something. Plus it does get cold there, he thinks it's going to be all
Warm, but it does get cold and damp feeling. Sometimes I miss things we got rid of when
We moved from other locations. Like my card catalogue I bought from the providence
Public library, that was my favorite piece of furniture ever. The begonia I had providence.
I dunno, I guess most of of furniture in the past was crap and it's only lately that we've had
Decent furniture (mostly inherited). Books and board games are a problem. Excess baby
Stuff is a problem. Baby stuff there isn't really room for in an apartment but which I refuse
To Get rid of... The trike and the jogging stroller and whatever.

Kind of excited about us having decent beds for once, tho. at least I can shove some stuff
Under the beds. And trying to get orryn to sleep at least for the first part of the night in his
Big kid bed. He has been using the potty lately, FYI.

We had a lovely thanksgiving with Danish fiends. It's so nice to lay
Out the table with all the fiesta ware and the tablecloth I made, and
Napkins. Very satisfying home-body ness. I'd like to make some placements,
That's on my ever growing list of things to do one day.

[User Picture]From: changeofthemoon
2013-11-30 03:15 pm (UTC)


It must be hard to make that trade off even if it does put you closer to family. Did he get a better package at the new university to help meet the higher cost of living out there?

[User Picture]From: kore
2013-11-30 05:20 pm (UTC)


Not really, it's about the same amount of money as he makes here, plus the hit of losing my income. I think it will be better in other ways tho, he doesn't like the students here and has a joint appointment; there I think the students will be a little different and he'll just have one department, with more engaged faculty, etc.
[User Picture]From: trixiefirecat
2013-12-01 03:38 am (UTC)


I know 900sq ft might sound small, but it's typical here. We've been in 800 which is 150 of storage and the rest is our tiny 2bd.... And then I see whe homes for sale at 650sq ft for the limit of our budget and I'm like NO WAY!! It's a process.

I hope you find something livable, and hope to see you soon!
[User Picture]From: vienna
2013-12-01 04:05 am (UTC)


book + baby seems so much more appealing than a new job!