persephassa (kore) wrote,
I was kinda hoping she just randomly died but now I'm thinking
The neighbor's dogs certainly killed her & they just don't want to
Say so. Not like it's their fault, they do have a really high fence
On their yard, with a tarp at the bottom to keep the small dog in, so
Who knows how she would have even got in there... She told me
Her husband found Polly in the woods behind their house which
Is right next to our yard where the playset is, and
That there weren't signs of trauma... But a dog would shake
A cat if it could get one and not really be interested in eating it
Like a coyote or whatever. So that sucks. I wish she hadn't gone
Outside but we got lazy and she was a sneaky cat, too. When the weather
Was better she'd just sit in the sun in the leaves and sleep. we weren't
Going to let her out anymore since it's so cold now but she slipped out.
I'm going to look up pictures of her on my flickr when I am in my computer
In the office Monday. :(
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