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hummingbird came to visit [Mar. 12th, 2014|06:51 pm]
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hummingbird came to visit, originally uploaded by persephassa.

i opened the door and this hummingbird was sitting right there. it died about an hour later.


[User Picture]From: aslant
2014-03-14 03:18 am (UTC)


Sad :( goodbye hummingbird. Was O sad? One of our chickens died today and Penny had to go through a whole thing, singing a song, we said a kind of elegy etc. processing!
[User Picture]From: kore
2014-03-29 03:27 am (UTC)


I don't think he quite understands, but he definitely remembers it. Weirdly,now there is another dead one in the hallway. It looks older tho, like it has been dead awhile and fellers behind a light fixture or something.