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(no subject) [Mar. 4th, 2016|10:30 am]

baby face.
all the flowers are blooming. i love our native wildflowers;
i wish we had even more (time for a trip to the nursery).i saved
seeds from last year & we have heaps of california poppy & red flax &
lupine & blue eyed grass & others. the grape vine is getting new leaves
& it's nice. we're going to arizona soon for a wedding & i got orryn
'flight of dragons' for the long car ride. it's fun to share old things.
i've been obsessing over dolls because i got this old samsonite train case
at a yard sale & i want to fill it with dolls & clothes for oona, a present
for uhh... 3 years from now or so, haha. i am going to try doing
baby storytime for neighbor babies next week since there is no little
baby library storytime around here that's worth going to. collecting
bounce rhymes & etc. tomorrow is my birthday, so breakfast at the beachcomber
in crystal cove. trying nto figure out a camping situation for this summer.
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(no subject) [Dec. 13th, 2015|04:02 pm]

baby oona astraea
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let them eat cake! [Jul. 8th, 2015|07:32 pm]



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(no subject) [Mar. 1st, 2015|07:41 pm]
It is raining. Some flowers are blooming,
Pink jasmine, firecracker, mariola, lobelia.
Review of my book in tupelo quarterly.
Orryn starts parent&me preschool (coop)
In two weeks, then 2-days a week in the fall.
I am excited, it seems really nice, play-centric,
Lots of parent involvement.
Trying to plan our trip to Europe this summer
& obsessing over the playmobils we can buy
In Germany (Italy, Prague, Amsterdam, hamburg,
Sweden, Oslo, etc). I went crazy making plane /
Car kits for all our long rides, + bought a portable
DVD player. And my birthday this week!
Taking orryn to the botanic gardens in corona del mar
Tomorrow, them the San Diego safari park Tuesday,
Then, I dunno, I kind of want to go to San Juan Capistrano
And go hiking and buy a few native plants for the front
Yard. All my wildflowers are coming up, I hope everything does well through spring and summer. I had to dig up the dwarf avocado tree and pot it, didn't seem to like where we had it
Out front. Some neighbors moved in to the empty
House next to us anfew days ago, so weird, we never see
Them (lots of people like that on out block). I think
They drive their car into the garage and close the door
And get out and the way the houses are, you just never
See anyone, it's unsettling with how close
The houses are to each other. I wonder if they have a kid,it would be nice, eight other houses on the cul de sac have kids (tho never see most of those, only three of them ever
Go outside, the rest always inside or off doing things or
At daycare or whatever). I guess it is odd to me cause we're
Often out front or painting in the garage or riding Orryn's
Bike or scooter around and we only ever see ryan and Sammy.
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(no subject) [Oct. 2nd, 2014|11:43 pm]
We are moved into our forever home, the house is eternal boxes
And I need to go to ace AGAIN because I realized I bought the wrong sort of
Screws to mount brackets for curtains (made of drop cloths!) and orryn has a cold
And we're going to my parents tomorrow for birthdays and pumpkin patching plus
I need a break from errands; there are two pomegranate trees in pots that need
Planting and our backyard is a dust and mud dirt pit, what to do. The kitchen is almost
Put away but I have to go to ikea AGAIN because we need more shelf liner ugh the worst.
At night the sprinklers come on, the houses next to us are empty, saved by the university to
Lure deans, we are surrounded by scientists and diggers of all sorts building the very last
Of the neighborhood's houses, long legged shadows in the dusky sky. Soon there will be a new
Pool up the street and tennis courts and a new observatory... I kind if want a redbud
Tree, and a star pine.
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(no subject) [Sep. 9th, 2014|10:37 pm]
Towers of boxes, increasing. Soon we will move into
Our stucco box. In the new neighborhood, butterflies
Everywhere, excited about the lavender the landscapers
Planted in all the new front yards. I am excited to
Settle and have it be our own. Kind of mourning the ohio
Farmhouse idea, a lovely old shack we could have spruced up.
I will tear out whatever tree they put in the front yard
And put in a pomegranate. I need to buy a shovel.
Otherwise, these days. We went camping in big sur. we made
More playdough and also covered pine cones in peanut butter
And bird seed. We are going to take the train to la to
Visit friends. Orryn and I had Peruvian food for lunch
Today. I guess it is called Chifa, Peruvian Chinese food.
There was a delicious cilantro sauce.
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(no subject) [Jul. 31st, 2014|07:25 pm]

It is hot, we have colds. We went and picked
Strawberries and carrots at the farm anyhow.
Our lovely neighbor made extra soup and gave us some,
So I didn't need to make dinner, we had the soup
With lettuce we picked. We have less than
2 months til we move. Lots of waiting around,
And dreaming about packing. We've moved about 8
Times in 10 years.
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(no subject) [Jul. 18th, 2014|11:19 pm]

i want to learn the names of more native plants,
so we can plant them in our yard and also for the knowing.
i recognize lots of things, like sage and oleander (not native,
but everywhere, along with jacaranda and some other things), anyhow
i just learned ceanothus, that's all over the place, too.

black tar bubbling from cliffs at the beach is very black.
and sticky.

orryn loves picking oranges at his grandparent's. we always tote home a bushel.

i want to make a fairy door like this in one of the pepper trees at the playground here.

i think orryn has nightmares about pooh, we got him a stuffed pooh and he keeps
saying "not!" and tossing it off the balcony.

mission at san juan capistrano is very beautiful

this is how i'm sitting now, hahaha my desk is in the closet

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(no subject) [May. 5th, 2014|10:50 pm]
making a sock puppet kit for a neighbopr's daughter's 7th birthday.
still might add a few things, + a label for the lid of the box.

orryn got this birdhouse + paint from the same neighbor for his birthday.

we went to this botanic gardens this afternoon; i love their bowls of succulents.

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May Day baskets [May. 1st, 2014|02:38 pm]

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